Somewhere on a forested island in the Salish Sea, a little world is blooming...

A Short Story

I first discovered miniature gardening when I wanted to do something interesting with my deck pots. My rule is that all the plants are living and appear as correctly scaled as possible. This is not bonsai, although the pots tend to constrict tree growth. 

These tiny worlds are great for a deck if yard space is not available or when hungry deer come munching. Pots can be connected into a larger scene, or stand alone as a vignette. And if you move, they come with you!

Some of my plants are up to eight years old now. I always plant perennials. There are so many plants with little leaves, flowers, and even fruit. Strangely the only pests I have are in perfect scale: miniscule snails and slugs - it's hard to hate them.